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Biotechnology Program Overview

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In the fall 1988 semester, the California State University, Fresno (CSUF) initiated a Postbaccalaureate Certificate Program in Biotechnology. Successful completion of this one-year, laboratory-intensive program leads to a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Biotechnology.

In the last 20 years, biotechnology has developed into a major growth industry in California, nationally, and internationally. This development has permeated the industrial areas of pharmaceuticals, food processing, agricultural production, and medicine. Further, the technology designed for biotechnology is applicable for advanced research in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and the plant and animal sciences. The program at CSUF is unique among those offered at comparable institutions in that it is designed for both depth and breadth of coverage.

The course of study leading to the certificate includes molecular biology and several laboratory courses, each focusing on one of the current technologies in the field. The laboratory component includes education in protein purification, recombinant DNA technology, plant micropropagation, animal and plant cell culture technology, and monoclonal antibody (hybridoma) production. Large scale macromolecular separation techniques, protein and DNA electrophoresis, enzyme isolation and characterization, gene splicing, plant and animal cell transformation, bioprocessing, and genetic selection techniques are but a few of the special procedures covered in the laboratories. Individuals completing the certificate will have a strong experimental background in preparation for employment in the biotechnology industry and/or for advanced graduate study.


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