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Biotechnology Certificate Program Title

Course Descriptions

BIOL/CHEM 241A-B. Molecular Biology I-II (3-3)
Prerequisites: BIOSC 140A-B, CHEM 150 or 155, or permission of instructor, BIOL/CHEM 241A is a prerequisite for BIOL/CHEM 241B
Current topics in molecular biology are addressed, including protein and nucleic acid structure, DNA replication, transcription, translation, prokaryotic and eukaryotic regulation, mechanisms of exchange of genetic material, and recombinant DNA technology. (3 lecture hours each semester)

BIOL/CHEM 242 Techniques in Protein Purification and Analysis (3)
Prerequisites: CHEM 151 or 156 or permission of instructor.
Corequisite: BIOL/CHEM 241A.
Deals with the technologies relevant to protein isolation, purification, analysis, immobilization, and modification in micro and macro quantities. (1 lecture, 6 laboratory hours)

BIOL/CHEM 243 Nucleic Acid Technology Lab (3)
Prerequisites: BIOL/CHEM 241A and 242.
Corequisite: BIOL/CHEM 241B.
A lecture/laboratory course focusing on the technologies used in nucleic acid chemistry, such as synthesis, translation, mutagenesis, and genetic engineering. (1 lecture, 6 laboratory hours)

BIOL/CHEM 244 Cell Culture and Hybridoma (3)
Prerequisites: MICRO 185 or PHYAN 160 and 160L.
The theory and practice of in vitro propagation of eukaryotic cells, including growth characteristics, metabolic requirements, and genetic analysis. Cloning, fusion, and generation of monoclonal antibody (hybridoma) are presented relative to cultured cell biology and application to biotechnology. (1 lecture, 6 laboratory hours)

BIOL/CHEM 248 Seminar in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (1; max total 4)
Prerequisite: Admission to the Biotechnology Certificate Program
Reviews and reports on current literature in various aspects of biotechnology and molecular biology. Two offerings of this course are required for the Biotechnology Certificate. (1 seminar hour)

PLANT 102 Micropropagation (3)
Prerequisites: BOT 10 or BIOL 10 and BOT 130 or CHEM 150 or permission of instructor.
Principles of plant propagation by aseptic cell and organ culture as a means of rapid cloning, elimination of systemic plant diseases, production of somatic hybrids, ploidy change, and other genetic variants for use in plant breeding. (2 lecture, 3 laboratory hours)

Students at poster presentation
Students at poster presentation